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Geoscience Forum 2023

The AusIMM Tasmanian Branch, GSA, AIG and Mineral Resources Tasmania are pleased to bring you the 13th Geoscience Forum. The purpose of this forum is to gather geoscientists in one pleasant place to share their progress in exploration, mining and research. This event is for sharing geologically focused results and ideas, and for learning more about geology, in particular the geology of Tasmania.

To register follow this link

See below for a list of speakers on Thursday. Dinner will be held afterwards.

Two field trips are being held on Friday, 1st December. One will be a tour of Zeehan led by Tony Webster, and the other will be Ron Gregory's Magical mystery tour of Melba - (Flea flats).

Thursday speakers:

  • Angela Lorrigan (Independent Geological Consultant) “Under the Influence – or not – the influence of the Henty Fault on mineralisation in Western Tas”

  • Ashley Morris (IMS) “Raise some noise: The expansion of passive seismic imaging in Tasmanian exploration”

  • Carol Steyn (MRT) “Elevating innovation; a journey of MRTs drone program”

  • Esther Little (Bluestone Mines) “Renison Exploration Update”

  • Ian Levy (ABx Group) “ABx's ionic adsorption clay REE deposits in Tasmania”

  • Joe Xie (Yunnan Tin Australia) “Anchor - Tin, rare metals and beyond”

  • Jonathan Cloutier (Geoscience Australia) “Translating economic geology to mineral systems for assessing mineral prospectivity - A case study of Irish-type Zn-Pb potential in Tasmania”

  • Julie Hunt (CODES, UTAS) “Critical Metals Regional Research Collaboration update”

  • Mark Williams (UTAS) “Transforming the Hercules Mine Site: A Sustainable Geotrail Development Strategy”

  • Roger Hill (Grange Resources) “The updated geo-Structural and waste characterization models of Savage River”

  • Russell Fulton (TinOne Resources Australia) “Dead Pigs don’t fly. Well let’s see….”

  • Zeb Zivkovic (CODES, UTAS) “Lithogeochemistry of the Mt Read Volcanics - A new geochemical reference tool for composition, alteration and prospectivity”

Tullah Lakeside lodge. Image from their website.

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