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GSA presents: Earth Futures Festival Film Night

The Earth Futures Festival is an international film and video festival showcasing the role of geoscience in our sustainable future. The GSA Tasmanian Division will be showcasing some of the finalist films in our September monthly meeting.

When: Wednesday 21st September, 5:30 for nibbles, 6pm for films

Where: Earth Sciences, University of Tasmania

Intermission: ~7:15 pm

To vote on which films we play, head over to the list of finalist films, have a quick read of the titles and descriptions and vote below for which film(s) you're most excited to watch! You can pick more than one.... Don't forget to vote on the official Earth Futures Festival website to vote for your top finalist film before the 15th of September!

What film(s) are you most excited to watch?

  • A.B.O.V.E.

  • Apathy apocalypse

  • From the San Rafael Swell to Mars

  • Hot Poets: Geology Rocks

You can vote for more than one answer.

We will have popcorn and geology-themed nibbles in the Earth Sciences Tearoom upstairs beforehand. Feel free to join later (at ~7:15 during the intermission). We will have someone at the entry to allow people in during this time.

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